Our responsibilities and goals

The aim is to create a sustainably produced furniture line.

This is not possible from one day to another. But defining our goals and values helps us make the right decisions and stay focussed.


Social responsibility 

We know the artisans by name that are making our products in the various Fair Furniture workshops in countries such as Mexico and Indonesia. It is our responsibility to ensure that they work with pleasure and devotion in a dignified environment and get awarded above average.

By paying a fair price we create space to maintain the workshops and working conditions at a high level and we guarantee a decent income for workers and their families.

Environmental responsibility 

The success of Fair Furniture depends largely on the extent to which we can reduce our impact on the environment. It is our responsibility to make conscious choices when selecting materials and production methods to minimize the damage we cause to our environment. The following are some of the choices that we have made so far:

The products that we are developing are preferably light in weight in order to reduce transport & energy costs.

We prefer not to use chemicals.

Our aim is to use sustainable packaging methods and create little waste.

We produce high quality products with a long service life and we prefer to work with natural, recycled or recyclable materials. If possible the chosen materials are obtained locally.

Take for example the PVC used for our original Acapulco chairs. The PVC is free of phthalates and heavy metals, and it is produced and re-used in the same workshop where the chairs are woven. This ensures low transport costs and less waste.

For our new designs we opt for natural materials such as hemp, bamboo, cork and rattan. We are also exploring the possibilities of composites reinforced with natural fibers. These biocomposites offer many opportunities for the foreseeable future.

Sometimes we have to make concessions, such as with the Acapulco chair. Not all PVC is in fact recycled. So far we can only use a majority (70%) of recycled materials to create black PVC. For other colors, we cannot guarantee the high quality we stand for when using mainly recycled PVC. In order to ensure the longevity of our chairs we therefore choose new materials. The environmental benefit is that we create long-lasting products that will not be quickly replaced and discarded. Once the technology allows it, we will start using 100% recycled PVC.