Hemp as a sustainable alternative

More and more people are looking for sustainable alternatives to existing products. A development we too are a part of, because I am also constantly looking for new natural materials and sustainable solutions.

During this quest, I found the wonderful hemp – a material that has been high on my wish list for a long time because of its amazing features. It is strong, but has a soft feel, it has a tough look, and most importantly – it is durable. With the cultivation of the industrial hemp I use for my Fair Furniture, little water is consumed and no fertilizers or pesticides are used.

I was therefore excited when our team of Mexican craftsmen started working with it. The knitted rope of the hemp fiber proved extremely suitable for weaving, but it was a challenge to get the strings nice and tight. By first letting the rope dry well before weaving the chair, our craftsmen achieved the perfect result and then went on to create the entirely handmade Acapulco Hemp Chair.

I am proud that with the Acapulco Hemp Chair we can offer a natural and sustainable alternative for the admirers of the well-known design.